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Are you in need of a web application which can streamline your procedures, increase the efficiency of your employees, and save you a ton of time and money? Good news: this is exactly what we do here.

We specialize in cutting-edge, trusted Internet technologies:
MySQL / PostrgreSQL, PHP + Yii2, Javascript + jQuery, Bootstrap

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About us

We have been in the business of custom software since 2002. We deliver dedicated web applications to companies which look for customized and affordable IT solutions. Our wall-to-wall service starts with the design and specifications, and goes all the way up to the implementation and further tech support.

In our beginnings, for many years we were a major provider of plugins for Macromedia Director (now Adobe Director). Those plugins were called Xtras. Within a couple of years, we delivered Xtras to 2200+ companies from 70 countries (mainly the US).

In 2004, we founded an Internet startup which have since then grown into a mature business - an e-learning platform for foreign languages

These days, we provide programming services for companies in many industries, mainly transportation, so you can count on our extensive expertise.

Our founder and chief programmer is Michał Ścioch, full stack developer, specialist in databases and Internet technologies.


We design and develop web applications customized to fit your needs.

Here is why you should switch to dedicated web applications in your business:

  • A light and handy application which does exactly what you want can take a lot of pressure off your IT infrastructure and will allow you to use your resources at full potential.
  • A custom application is easy to expand and integrate with other systems as your business grows, which is a far cry from standard big-brand software.
  • Your employees will get only the features they need and won’t get lost in a maze of useless options for which you have to pay anyway.
  • As a rule, dedicated software is easier to use than massive and clunky corporate systems, which saves you a lot of money on employee training and tech support.

Now that you know why dedicated software is better, why choose us? We’re glad you ask:


We have been in the business of providing IT solutions for companies for two decades now.


We maintain a feedback loop with our clients and we constantly refine our products for them.

Tech support

We take full responsibility for our software and provide tech support long after the implementation.


We are small and thus can easily out-price software house giants as unlike them, we don’t have to pay massive salaries to any management board members.

Our web applications use free or paid templates, which we can customize to your specific needs:


In a short time, we can deliver a web application with the following features. Each of these we have developed a number of times for actual businesses, so we know what we’re doing.

Managing data sets

Each company is a huge data set to be managed - clients, providers, jobs, invoices, files, employees, company cars... Now you can put those elements into one application and browse, sort, search, report them as you wish and need to. In real time, with just a few clicks.

Creating PDF files

Forget those pesky Word templates which you need to fill each time by hand in order to create a PDF document. Our application will create a ready-to-use PDF with static elements from the template and dynamic ones from the database.

Sending files

Your employees don’t have to fire up their email accounts to send PDF and other files anymore. This can be a one-click action directly from your application. Such e-mails will be then archived automatically on your company server for monitoring purposes.

Exporting data to CSV and Excel

Be it a single row or a huge data set, exporting data to a universal file format just must be easy. Usually we use CSV, but exporting data to the XLS (Excel) is also possible. Another useful example of this feature is creating bank transfer files.

Importing data from CSV and Excel

Do your business partners and providers send you data files to be copied by hand by your employees? What a waste of time, isn’t it? Instead, we can create a feature of automatic data import from any sources, no matter their internal layout.


Has it ever happened to you that your employee just plain forgot to do something important, losing you money in the process? You can prevent such mishaps with automatic notifications about emergencies, problems and other issues. Notifications can be sent by e-mail or text.


Does it happen that your employees work on the same files or tasks in a certain order, and occasionally don’t communicate with each other the best they could? As luck would have it, we have a system of roles, switched statuses and automatic notifications just for you.

Reports and charts

We create table reports and charts off of any data sets - financial, statistical, administrative, etc. Our reports are created immediately when you visit their page, so there’s no need to recalculate them separately.

Roles and permissions

Each employee is given a different set of duties and permissions. With that in mind, our software comes with a built-in system of roles and permissions to make sure you can allow and deny access to anyone as you wish.

Event log

Each and every action by your employees can be logged for your further review. A new invoice, client address update, order cancellation – all of these can be stored along with their date, time and the IP address.


Web applications can easily connect to other applications or APIs. Maps and locations, search engines, GPS, latest headlines, stock market news – all of this can be imported to your application automatically. This works both ways, as you can upload data to other systems.

Multilingual features

Do your employees hail from various countries and need to use multilingual software? No problem – this is a one-click feature. Moreover, we can provide a translation interface for all texts in the software to any language you want. Just give access to the software to any translator you hire.

Mobile access

By the very definition, a web application can be viewed on any device, including smart-phones. Are your employees constantly on the move and need to access your application anywhere? No worries. All the elements can be laid out to automatically fit any screen size.

Panoramic view

Conversely, you can display your software on screens much bigger than that of a regular PC. If you need any live-updating report or chart to spread out on the conference room screen, we’ve got you covered. All the elements will be proportionally increased to nicely fit into a big screen.


We have developed a method of updating software in a manner which the users don’t have to care about and don’t have to pause what they’re doing. Updates take a few seconds no matter if it’s a cosmetic change or a large overhaul.


We know:


MySQL / PostgreSQL


PHP + Yii2


HTML5 + CSS3 + Javascript (jQuery) + Bootstrap


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our customers

We worked for:

Natanex LTD

Transport and forwarding company


Fuel Inc.

Advertising agency


Digital Motion Picture Datenverarbeitungs GmbH

Advertising agency


Betacom S.A.

IT integrator


Skarna LTD

Transport and forwarding company


Makstour LTD

Sports camp company



Interactive agency


Create Wave LTD

Advertising agency


Summit Tech

Interactive agency


Hark Solutions

Software house

Great Britain

Streamzap, Inc.

Producer of consumer electronics


They talk about us :

Dariusz Chojecki

CEO - Natanex LTD

We asked Starsoft for a web application and they delivered it exactly as requested, on time and within the budget.

Janine Wald

CEO - Digital Motion Picture Datenverarbeitungs GmbH

Your software works great, many thanks for a job well done.


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