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Product: UltimateNet Xtra
I'm just finishing the application for administering multimedia and website content for our customer. In my opinion, UltimateNet is the best solution for the integrated update of web and multimedia section. On the top of that, very fast technical support when I needed it. Thank you for this Xtra and your assistance.
Jaime Avellaneda, IDAN, Spain

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Just a belated thank you for your outstanding xtra, the abilitiy to turn off hardware accelleration meant I could seamlessly move between menus and video on complicated 3d virtual tour.
Gordon Murphy, RI productions, Ireland

Product: StarMenu Xtra
StarMenu Xtra works very well, saves many time of graphical design, creation of actors and programming, is simple and easy to use, you do not need to have much experience in programming lingo, I hope to use it in my next project saved a lot of time of development and design.
Silvino, Silvino Rojas Comunicación Visual, Venezuela

Product: MediaPlayer Expanded Xtra
Easy to use Xtra which works very well and maybe the best support in the world. Thank you, Michael!
R:-)ner Sattlegger, EDVkreativ.at, Austria

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
We had a very tight deadline with flash/sound and video embed in director. We tryed a lot of different players and implimentation techniques. We found the MediaPlayer Xtras was the best solution.
Jan Mikael, grabIT media, Denmark

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Thanks to MediaPlayer Xtra we have been able to develop animated CD-Rom's for children that play on both the computer and on VCD/DVD players.
Hemant Agarwal, Vrinda Services, India

Product: DisplayMode Xtra
Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt attention that you gave to my enquiry regarding a problem with your DisplayMode Xtra. I understand that there was a software conflict being caused by the combination of my version of Director and Windows XP Pro causing my projector to crash. You were very conscientious in following up with me and had the problem solved in no time. I look forward to using this product on our presentations to resize the screens without affecting other currently running programs.
Pete Bradstreet, Creative Interface, Canada

Product: SmartOLE Xtra
SmartOLE Xtra is an excellent solution to our needs. It gives us an easy way for viewing Office documents in a Director movie. By letting you handle the document as a normal sprite, it gives us a lot of different ways to change the document appearance. This is just what we wanted when we made the request for this kind of Xtra. The Starsoft Multimedia made an excellent job. We recommend this Xtra and the service the company is offering.
Pertti Mäki-Välkkilä, Done Information Oy, Finland

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
We have used the MediaPlayer on our some CD-Rom Projects. The ability of using the Xtra over a simple Interface as well as powerful and crisp Lingo commands has saved us hours of frustrating work. Thank you for swift and good support and for making great software! Cheers from Germany.
Jochen Stange, Die Medienagenten, Germany

Product: MediaPlayer Expanded Xtra
I have been working on a rather large project of the last year. I ran into a couple of problems which MediaPlayer Exp. and DisplayMode solved quickly and easily. MediaPlayer Exp. is my most recent purchase and it is an amazing piece of software. Easy to use and fast to implement. When I have had a questions it was answered when I went to the online support. Thanks again for creating such great Xtras.
Donna Masters, Rally Dog, USA

Product: StarMenu Xtra
A hell of a good xtra, at a good price too. Very intuitive and easy to do with good examples in the docs.
Peter McMullan, The Edge, USA

Product: DisplayMode Xtra
I'm very happy with the customer service from Starsoft. When I recently had a problem that could have ended an important job, they promptly help me fix it. Thanks to Michael Scioch and the rest of the Starsoft staff!
Landon Knauss, Yellow Bulldog Design, LLC, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
I used MediaPlayer Xtra to create CD presentation with some video clips. Combination of graphics and digital video looks great. I used almost all MediaPlayer options and I like its easy to use interface. Thanks!
Agnieszka Kalinowska, Ariaword, Poland

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
The Xtra works very fine an has saved a lot of work!
Harald Cebulla, Werkzeichen Gestaltungsbüro, Germany

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Your Xtra works like a charm. My presentation is done! Your MediaPlayer played a big part in bringing good looking, high quality video (at a smaller file size) to the final version. Initially, I wasn't happy with just working with AVI (too big)... or converting everything to MOV. So being able to consistently show MPEG video is great. Now I'm on to bigger and better things and will probably check out and purchase some of your other Xtras. Thanks again for all your help over the last few days. You have definitely won yourself a good customer!!
Mark Woods, ADS Logistics, LLC, USA

Product: StarMenu Xtra
As an amateur developer I have been able to integrate StarMenu Xtra (trial) into my projects easily. Its a great tool and I expect to use it in several of my productions from now on.
Mike Crisp, Tacklesport, United Kingdom

Product: AnyShape Xtra
I think that this Xtra is really cool for Director users! Super!!!
Dmytro Tykholaz, Nkraft Multimedia, Ukraine

Product: StarMenu Xtra
In stead of difficult lingoprogramming to get nice navigation popups, now I use Starmenu Xtra to create this in a minute. A must-have for Director users.
Jeroen Vermunt, BKC Moving Media Makers, Netherlands

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Thanks for the quick reply and wonderful support. Will definitely recommend your product to others if I have the chance!
Ronnie, Creative Labs, USA

Product: StarMenu Xtra
I decided on StarMenu Xtra because it offered a consistent straight-forward interface for my viewers. I have included it in all my templates. It provides the flexibility I require while decreasing by development time.
Val Hunter, Hunter Media Solutions, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Have previously purchased Media Player Xtra and its doing just what I wanted it for. Thanks again for the great xtras you are providing.
Glenn Burnett, Icon Media, Australia

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Thanks to MediaPlayer Xtra I can use Mpegs (my favourite cdrom format) in my Director presentations. This product is affordable and the Starsoft support is absolutely excellent and very friendly! Thanks!
Paul Hanssen, Paul Hanssen Video Producties, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
The Xtra works fine. This was good service and it was nice to do business with you. Thank you very much!
Tomi Aronen, , Finland

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Hello, I recently purchased the MediaPlayer Xtra. It works great! And is very solid.
Michael Williamson, Imekka, USA

Product: DisplayMode Xtra
Many many thanks for such great support. If you would like us to pen a testimonial praising your product and support no problem.
Sheldon Evans, inspiredminds.com, USA

Product: MailTo Xtra
I love the interface for MailTo Xtra.
Stepen F., Austin State University, USA

Product: StarMenu Xtra
I have been working with your StarMenu Xtra (trial) and it is incredibly easy to use... I love it.
Glen Palmer, SafariTECH, USA

Product: StarMenu Xtra
Excellent product, i'm enjoying the demo!
Murray Cuell, Digital Wizzards, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
MediaPlayer Xtra is truly great! I would recommend it to anyone needing a reliable way to play digital video from Director when QuickTime won't do the job.
Steve Brown, Crush Creative, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Thank you for tech support delivered despite the fact we have not bought the license yet and we are working on the demo version. We are going to buy the licence even today! It is really a wonderful product.
John Witham, Matthew and Company Video and Film, USA

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
Your xtras are great - above all they are easy, user-friendly and do not require any programming (though they have this ability). Many of them came to existence almost for special request and are perfect in practical applications. Although many functions can be solved on one's own, use of a cheap xtra speeds up the work and allows to concentrate on other elements. For example AnyShape Xtra - simple, functional, just EXTRA - I highly recommend it. Kudos for MediaPlayer Xtra! Finally with a clean conscience I can recommend to everyone product for playing MPEG video movies. Keep doing what you do!
Paweł Zakrzewski, G-media, Poland

Product: MediaPlayer Xtra
MediaPlayer Xtra is a great solution for every presentations which include video movies. It allows to add to presentation movies in all sorts of mpeg and avi formats (including DivX), contrary to the plain Director which allows only basic avi formats. It contains all functions essential to play movies as well as the very useful "Full screen" option. We are among the first (if not the first indeed) commercial users of this product and we still fail to find any errors. This xtra came into existence because of our offer question and was made smoothly and fast - just within the deadline promised by Starsoft Multimedia. It can be only a proof of a first-rate job and exceptional treatment of Customers, which encourages us to further purchases in the future and still greater cooperation with Starsoft Multimedia Company.
Grzegorz Dajcz, 1eM s.c., Poland

Product: DisplayMode Xtra
I would like to thank Starsoft Multimedia for quick help when it showed up that DisplayMode Xtra bought by me was not compatible with an other xtra. Within a few hours (!) I got a new version, thanks to which my company kept some very important deadline. Starsoft definitely does not pay just lip-service when it comes to its tech support. I recommend their xtras to everyone.
Borys Strączek, ANIMATEC, Poland

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