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My name is Michael Scioch and I am - acting as Starsoft Multimedia - a creator of xtras for Adobe Director (formerly Macromedia Director). Starting in 2003, I created in total 9 commercial xtras, purchased by more than 1,700 companies from all over the world.

For many years I have provided my clients with updated, individual and public tech support, I answered all questions, considered all suggestions for improvement and new features.

However, Director lost its status on the market of professional multimedia tools and interest in xtras has been dwindling ever since. As a result, I had no other choice but to discontinue xtras in 2012 and stop their further development.

I am still there for my clients, but only if they have any questions or need advice. I have discontinued programming works on xtras.

I would like to say thank you to all my clients for choosing xtras and using them in their projects, as well as for their e-mails, questions, opinions and forum posts, which was a great motivation for the ongoing work.

I have started a new enterprise and currently provide software services in web development - PHP, MySQL, jQuery, WordPress. If you need an experienced developer who is an expert in these technologies, feel free to contact me. More details: My services, Clients, Portfolio.

Best regards

Michael Scioch
Starsoft Multimedia

About Michael
I am a specialist in designing databases and programming web applications. I have 15-year experience in writing commercial software. I work for European and US IT companies as a subcontractor and for end clients.
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I create or improve applications in PHP+MySQL+jQuery. I provide professional services in WordPress - creating fully operational websites, writing custom plugins, custom post types, templates and themes.
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If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor for your projects or have any kind of problem with your software, contact me right now. I can solve your problem on short notice and at affordable price. My email address: