My services

I provide the following services:

• PHP + MySQL development

As an experienced PHP and MySQL programmer, I can develop complete web applications, modules, plugins, communication layers, etc. To create complete applications I use Prado framework, which allows to save some time and increase reliability through pre-made, fully tested modules. I can comfortably adapt to any other PHP framework if required.

My applications are very secure - they are resistant against SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting attacks, use strong encryption of passwords, filter URL address parameters and text data entered by users, block access to sensitive files and folders.

I pay great attention to write code in an optimum way - minimizing queries to data bases, caching data structures which are often used, reducing the volume of asset files. This allows my software to run smooth and fast even with a great number of users at the same time.

• jQuery development

Thanks to my extensive knowledge of Javascript, I can exploit full potential of jQuery. I am comfortable with Document Object Model, I handle events, create dynamic controls and interactive animations, I use pre-made plugins, adapt them for my purposes or create new ones, if necessary.

I got my jQuery experience while working on the user interface to my own e-learning platform with online foreign language courses. With jQuery, my lessons, exercises and tests run dynamically directly in browser, which simulates desktop applications.

• WordPress development

I have used WordPress for two years and have detailed knowledge on its API. Thanks to that, I can modify pre-made themes and plugins in any way, as well as create new ones. I know how to create custom post types, how to use metadata, how to create my own administration sections, how to expand data base structures. I can add any feature as an independent plugin which can be installed or uninstalled at any time.

I can also create complete WordPress pages. It includes installation of a start platform, selection and installation of required plugins, creating dedicated themes or modifying the already existing ones, adding custom post types and metadata, configuring backend panel for optimum administration, creating special templates.

If a new theme requires a professional design, it will be created by a professional graphic artist.

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About Michael
I am a specialist in designing databases and programming web applications. I have 15-year experience in writing commercial software. I work for European and US IT companies as a subcontractor and for end clients.
My services
I create or improve applications in PHP+MySQL+jQuery. I provide professional services in WordPress - creating fully operational websites, writing custom plugins, custom post types, templates and themes.
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If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor for your projects or have any kind of problem with your software, contact me right now. I can solve your problem on short notice and at affordable price. My email address: