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I love programming and I loving doing it well. I have worked in IT for the past 15 years. I am looking for companies from Europe and the US which require an experienced, independent and reliable software developer for remote work. I am open to long-term collaboration.

Technical expertise

I have created software in PHP and Javascript for 9 years. I know C/C++, which was the first language I started to use for commercial purposes back in 1997. I have five-year experience with Prado - PHP framework based on components and events. I know jQuery and Ajax very well. I design MySQL data bases and work with them in SQL, which I have known since 1997.

I know web standards very well and I use them in my everyday work - HTML/XHTML, CSS, XML, JSON, DOM.

I have 6-year experience in using Adobe Director and creating commercial plugins (xtras) in C++.

I am a WordPress specialist, I have used this system for 2 years. I am familiar with its API, I can create plugins, custom post types, templates and themes at the advanced level.

Professional experience

6ka Ltd. (Poland) - Co-owner, CEO, project lead developer
2009 - present
In 2008, I acquired funds for my start-up, an online platform for foreign language e-learning for Polish users. In the following year, I established 6ka Ltd. As CEO and main programmer, I am responsible for the technical and substantive part of this enterprise. While I started with one course in German at the beginner level, currently I sell courses in 7 foreign languages at three various difficulty levels. My platform is a huge market hit - each month we attract one hundred new clients. On the top of that, we created "Polish for Foreigners" course.

Notwithstanding 6ka Ltd., I am still active as a programmer in Starsoft Multimedia.
Starsoft Multimedia (global) - Owner, software developer
2002 - present
In 2002, I quit my job and started my own business, which I had always dreamed of. I was a creator of multimedia presentations in Macromedia Director and dedicated desktop applications in C++ Builder. In 2003, I started to create plugins for Macromedia Director (currently Adobe Director), which were called xtras. All in all, I wrote 9 commercial plugins, which were purchased in 2003-2008 by 1,700 companies from all over the world (mainly the US, UK and Japan). Since 2004, I deal with web technologies, mainly PHP+MySQL+jQuery. I create web applications from scratch, as well as websites based on WordPress, which I can modify to a large extent thanks to my knowledge of its API. I constantly provide services as a software developer, I am also a co-owner of 6ka Ltd.
Betacom Inc. (Poland) - J2EE and C++ programmer
As a part of a programmer team, I created and implemented a Java software for internal audits. That software was ordered by a major Polish GSM company. Moreover, I worked with a team which customized and implemented Saba, an e-learning system, for a major insurance company. Within short time, I became a specialist in expanding and customizing Saba as per the client's needs.
Innsoft Ltd. (Poland) - PowerBuilder and Java programmer
2000 - 2001
I worked with a team which developed a system to manage power transfer in power plants. I wrote the user interface in PowerBuilder, designed a Sybase data base structure, created service applications in Java which assist the main system. Also, I created a module in Visual Basic to download data from Sybase and use them to display reports in Excel spreadsheets - the management found this solution extremely useful. I implemented our software at our end users' locations.
Independent freelancer - Delphi and C++ programmer, Macromedia Director developer
1997 - 1999
When I was still in the university; I already started to freelance for small companies. Those companies were based in Warsaw, Poland, and dealt mainly with e-learning. I was an independent programmer responsible for writing software according to concepts of my principals. My works include English learning software for children (with Delphi) and an interactive multimedia presentation for learning maths by high-school students (with Macromedia Director). A local actors' agency ordered me to create a CD presentation with profiles of movie and theater actors (Macromedia Director).


Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
1995 - 2000
The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
BS in Computer Engineering, 2000

Personal details

Year of birth: 1974
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Marital status: married, 3 children

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About Michael
I am a specialist in designing databases and programming web applications. I have 15-year experience in writing commercial software. I work for European and US IT companies as a subcontractor and for end clients.
My services
I create or improve applications in PHP+MySQL+jQuery. I provide professional services in WordPress - creating fully operational websites, writing custom plugins, custom post types, templates and themes.
Contact me
If you are looking for a professional and reliable contractor for your projects or have any kind of problem with your software, contact me right now. I can solve your problem on short notice and at affordable price. My email address: